Dorm Room Checklist for College - Ideal for Freshmen

"What to Bring for Campus Living and How to Pack in 3 Easy Steps"

This dorm room checklist includes the essentials for campus living plus a few tasks for college-bound students to complete prior to move-in day, ideal for freshmen. While this checklist may seem like a lot to pack, many items suggested are dorm room size and easily stored.


  1. PRINT Campus Concierge Free Dorm Room Checklist and click SHOP.  Using you checklist, identify need items and build your college registry.  Upon completion share your wish list with family and friends via social media.  The registry you are building is similar to a wedding or baby shower registry.  Your friends and family will be able to buy items from your personal selected items and ship them to the shipping address  you provide.  
  1. Make room in your home to store your college dorm room essentials as you acquire them over the summer. (Tip: Save money, pack the items you have at home first. For essentials you must buy, shop for college early to give yourself ample time to check your purchases and make returns. Avoid procrastinating because move-in weekend at college is busy.)
  1. Use your list to inventory as you pack for quick access when you arrive on campus. For example, if you pack sheets in Box #1, write Box #1 next to that item on your checklist. (Tip: Use your dorm room checklist as an inventory for your College Property Insurance Policy.)

Example of Checklist:

Move-in Weekend Planning:

Move-in weekend is BUSY! There are thousands of boxes arriving on campus and many students trying to locate those boxes. If possible, it is best to purchase dorm room supplies early, pack them in an orderly fashion, and accompany them to their final destination... your dorm room. If you do ship your dorm room supplies directly to your college campus, remember to use your campus shipping address and give yourself ample time to locate your items during move-in weekend. It's best to create a list of purchases that you need to retrieve when you arrive on your college campus.

Bottom line... you need as much time as possible to get settled into your dorm room on move-in weekend while participating in all the mandatory activities. So be smart, allow your family to help you get organized and settled into your new home. It will make the transition to college life much easier for everyone. Don't forget your dorm room checklist for college!